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When you are injured – whether that be in a motor vehicle accident, the result of a negligent act, or on the job – obtaining skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated legal representation should be a top priority. Having successfully represented various insurance companies in the past, our attorney, Brendan Burns, understands the strategies and tactics they try to employ and uses this information against them. This unique skill has allowed Mr. Burns to aggressively pursue and regularly secure high-dollar settlements and verdicts for his clients.

Photo of Attorney Brendan S. Burns

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At Burns Law Group, APC, we understand that every client, every injury and especially every case is unique. We pride ourselves on focusing on your injury and the pain, agony, and frustration you are enduring. We then tailor our legal representation to fit your needs and accomplish your specific goals. Along the way, we promise to communicate with you and strive to ensure that all your questions are answered, you are up to date on the status of your case, and your time and well-being are valued during the process. 

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