I just got injured at work, now what?! 

Suffering an injury at work, or a work-related

injury, can be a daunting struggle. 

Interestingly though, it is often not the struggle

you would have imagined. 

Sometimes, injured employees are hesitant to

take action out of fear of retaliatory acts from

their employer. Know that it is illegal for a

business to punish workers for filing a workers’

compensation claim and it is vital to act quickly.


Additionally, be sure to keep detailed records

of everything which happens in your case

including how your injuries progress and the

communications you have with your employer.​


After successfully representing a myriad of

injured workers and representing several of the

big workers’ compensation insurance companies, we have learned that it is often not the injured worker’s “recovery” from the injury that is the daunting part.  Unfortunately, the physical pain, the physical symptoms, and the doctor visits that the injury necessitates, are often only a small part of the struggle. 


So, “What is the big part of the struggle then?  I hurt myself at work, my doctor makes me better, and I get paid while I am not working… what’s so hard about that?”  “Why do I need an attorney?”  If you do not have qualified and experienced legal representation, the big part of the struggle is literally everything else.  Just to name a few common questions, confusions, and eventually frustrations, that plague many injured workers:

  • I reported by injury to my supervisor, why is my injury claim “denied”?

  • Why can’t I see my family doctor or Primary Care Physician for my work injury?  I have seen this doctor for years, I know him, and I trust him. 

  • Do I have to see their doctor?  What is a “Medical Provider Network”, or an “MPN”?

  • Can I trust this person who calls themselves my “Claims Examiner”, “Claims Adjuster”, or “Claims Supervisor”?  Are they acting in my best interest?

  • Why are these doctors at Concentra or U.S. Healthworks only treating one body part?  Why do they not have authorization to treat all my injured body parts?  Are they even doctors?  Can I trust them?

  • My doctor’s office says that they can’t treat me anymore, but I am still in pain, and I can’t work.  Is my work going to pay me still if my doctor “released me”?

  • My doctor’s office says the workers’ compensation insurance company is denying all of the medical treatment they request.  They have requested physical therapy, injections, but nothing is approved.  My doctor says there is nothing he can do?

  • My doctor gave me work restrictions, but my employer is not honoring them, and does not seem to care that I am injured.  Is there anything I can do?

  • My Claims Examiner has requested I see a Qualified Medical Evaluator.  Who is that?  Do I have to go?

  • My Claims Examiner has said that the workers compensation insurance company will pay me a lump sum of money, but they need me to resign from my employment?  Can they do that?

If you have these questions, please just remember that you are not alone!


Every injured worker who walks into our office has these questions, and it is more than understandable.  The “Workers Compensation Process” was likely not taught to you in high school, like Geometry or British Literature may have been.  Maybe it should have been taught though?  When you think about it, like Spanish, it is a new language filled with terminology, words and several acronyms you don’t know.  And like British Literature, it is filled with a whole new cast of characters, with altogether different incentives and motivations, that you have never met before. 

Let us help you and get you the help and compensation you are entitled to! Call us for your free consultation today!

Worker with hard hat falling from ladder